Category: Electronic

Black Marble – Fast Idol

The forth album from Black Marble is here. Fast Idol comes with cool and moody synth-pop, driven by the spirit

The Vacant Lots – Interzone

Interzone is the third full length LP of post-punk duo The Vacant Lots. This album takes you into the liminal

The Mall – Zone

The Mall is the solo project of Mark Plant. A regular of the St. Louis punk scene, Mark has played

Pops Tuna – Lame Fiction

Pops Tuna is an indie artist from Philadelphia. What started out as a passion project slowly flourished into a full-fledged

The Comet is Coming – Trust in the Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery

The Comet is Coming is a London-based jazz group headed by saxophonist and pillar of the British jazz scene Shabaka

Draag – Clara Luz

Mysterious, soothing, painful yet oddly therapeutic. These are the words I constantly come across when listening to the latest offering

Thought Detecting Machines – That Was the Year That Wasn’t

Thoughts Detecting Machines is the solo project of Rick Valentin, who has spent decades touring and recording with Poster Children

Shelf Life – Flawless

Scotty Leitch is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, sound engineer and a mainstay of Philadelphia’s indie and DIY scene. Over the years

Mannequin – From a Distance

Mannequin is the coldwave project of Southern California’s David San German and Taylor Allen. From a Distance is their first