Category: Alternative Rock

Blanketman – National Trust

Sun-soaked, bright and jovial. Blanketman’s debut EP National Trust offers a fun and lighthearted escapist punk that makes for a

Ducks Ltd. – Get Bleak

The Toronto duo of Ducks Ltd. blends bright and breezy jangle pop with introspective themes and melancholy in their debut

Risley – Meantime Fades

Risley is back with an uplifting sophomore album, one that tackles isolation and  finding back our personal connections in Meantime

The Tubs – Names EP

Names EP might be short in runtime but it packs a great punch. The latest offering from The Tubs is

Turnstile – Glow On

If you were around during the heyday of 90’s hardcore and alt-rock then Baltimore’s Turnstile is definitely a band that

Alien Boy – Don’t Know What I Am

Portland quartet Alien Boy crafts a heartfelt LP that expresses the anxiety of identity, loneliness and relationships in “Don’t Know

Citrus Clouds – Collider

Shoegaze outfit Citrus Clouds delivers a varied exploration of sonic textures and styles in their latest album Collider. Change and

Leading Psychics – What About Lonely?

Portland’s Leading Psychics was formed by David Frederickson (founder of Buzzyband favorite, The Prids) and Christian Hurd as a way

Fotoform – Fotoform

Fotoform is a Seattle-based post-punk outfit with a strong base of 1980’s influences that include early Cocteau Twins, The Cure,