Boyracer – Assuaged

It’s always a treat reviewing one of our favorites here in Buzzyband. To nobody’s surprise (yet still a welcome one), Boyracer is back again with a new record in 2021 called Assuaged. We’ve reviewed their entire discography earlier this year and knew for a fact that it was just a matter of time before we could get to listen to another great punk collection from Stewart Anderson. The 14th one to be exact. They seemed to have gotten back to their rhythm from the ‘90s to early 2000s, where they released albums at a frantic pace, only to slow down during the late aughts. Vocalist Christina Riley appears again as a double on vocals, and has pretty much left a huge mark on the band. 

As always, there’s a plethora of great highlights here with bright hooks, fuzzy riffs, unconventional structures and an attitude that’s as punk as it gets. “Spoils” stands out as a frenetic song celebrating the ‘punk rock dream’ that the band unabashedly relishes and enjoys.
`Happy to create!’ Riley sings with aplomb. “Digital Friends” critiques how our social media landscape has shaped our society into something that’s definitely not social. “Apathy” comes with surfy guitars and a summery melody. A great bass line and breezy horns lighten up the mood as the narrator tries to lift themselves up into a better place. 

In many ways this is the Boyracer that we’ve always enjoyed. It feels like the past two years have invigorated the band, and all those experiences and prolific output has infused this record as well as its predecessor, On a Promise with a wealth of timeless pop and indie rock. Upbeat handclaps, horns, synths are sprinkled all throughout the record, enriching their guitar-based music. Oftentimes a little too chaotic with its freeform nature, but you’ll always sense that it comes from a place of enjoyment. “1 Am” is a prime example, with its jangly and jovial nature. “Right or Wrong” is another, with a juvenile and carefree energy that’s just contagious. What are you waiting for? This is prime Boyracer we’re talking about here, of course it’s good! Check them out below:

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