Tom Baird – Lonely Hour

Tom Baird once again wore his heart on his sleeves in his new single entitled ”Lonely Hour”. His guitar and his descriptive lyrics perfectly blended like a warm milk on a rainy night. It’s soothing, relaxing and makes you contemplate.

A Kind of Man – FLIP & A KIND OF MAN (PT 1)

A Kind of Man’s 2 part self-entitled new single is gold. It’s first part gives its listeners a strong 80’s sound which perfectly fits the distinct voice of the artist.

A Kind of Man – FLIP & A KIND OF MAN (PT 2)

A Kind of Man’s 2 part self-entitled new single creatively combined the 80’s and 90’s era in one song. The musical arrangements and the lyrics encapsulate the artist’s pure talent. This track deserves to be heard by more people.

Post Rome – Want To Believe

The alternative band, Post Rome released their second new single for this year entitled “Want to Believe”. If you want to be nostalgic and hear a song that has a 2007 to 2009 vibe, then you should definitely check this song out.

Charlie’s Hand Movements – Porcupine

Charlie’s Hand Movements’ newest single entitled Porcupine gives its listeners different flavors at the same time. This duo’s playful and funky track would definitely unleash your undiscovered grooves.

The Great Dictators – Trees Come From Hell

“Trees Come from Hell” is the last track on the The Danish indie-rock trio The Great Dictators’ new album “One Eye Opener.” This 7 minute song soaks their listeners with their addictive electronic arrangements and long notes

Ali Horn – The Waves

Ali Horn’s new single entitled “The Waves” indeed gives its listener an up beat tempo and ear candy beats. It’s a summery track that’s perfect as a car song while wearing your favorite sunglasses.

Chork – Old New Love

Despite its blues rock sound and energetic drum beats, Chork’s newest single “Old New Love” shares to its listeners a tragic story about a man’s unreciprocated love. A really relatable song for most of us.

Box Time – Another Excuse

Box Time’s new single “Another Excuse” offers a heavy indie-rock sound and some grudge nostalgic vibe. This song makes me wanna jump and shout in a mosh pit.

SpünDay – Once Upon A Time In Essex

If you’re hungry for various pedal effects in one track and rampant drumming beats then you should check out SpünDay’s new track entitled Once Upon a Time in Essex. It’s a blitzing track with impressive bass and quite chaotic sound overall. If you’re sleepy and want to be awake, this is the answer.

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