Obsess – Divebar Youth

Obsess is a 2019 released single by Vinnie Barbaro through his indie rock music project called Divebar Youth. It has a boppy catchy guitar tempo and impressive low and high vocals. It has a sudden change of mood in its bridge that reflects the other side of the coin. Which is the underlying sadness theme of this song, amplified by ending it with the lyrics “we’re all never the same”. You should definitely check this track.

Stone cold heart – Harry Devereux

Stone cold heart has a 1 min and 20 seconds intro. That is unusually long for a song but Harry Devereux manages to use that lengthy intro to make a good build up. It’s guitar licks made this song groovy especially on its chorus while saying the lyrics “he-aaa-rt” a couple of times.

Feed Me – Lukka

The new single Feed Me from artist Lukka is a swirling electronic and rock mix that feels like floating from space and landing on a cloud in music form. It quickly moves from driving rock to airy synths in unnoticeable moments but always keeps a noticeable sense of its feet planted firmly on mars. Looking forward to more of this in the distant future.

Awaken – Caoilfhionn Rose

Awaken is the 1st track of Caoilfhionn Rose’s 2018 album entitled “Awaken”. This song opens with the dreamy voice of Caoilfhionn Rose singing “Ahh, ohh~” and enchanting musical arrangement. The lyrics of this song once again showcased the impressive talent as a lyricist of the said artist.

Marc Bird – Deep End

Marc Bird’s new single “Deep End” starts with a sad and slow music that later on followed by Marc Bird’s sleepy voice. Its chorus “Maybe all I want, is to see beneath all the lies. Maybe all I want, is to take off the last disguise” gives us the downcast reality that genuinity is now scarce. This song is the epitome of mellow and we definitely need this on Spotify asap.

Lex Low – Feel More

Lex Low’s newest single entitled “Feel More” gives its listeners the emphasis on the artist’s calm voice and talent in mixing. It’s melancholy and yet spacey sound combined with its mindfully made lyrics are gold.

Balaban and the Bald Illeagles – Blossom

Balaban and the Bald Illeagles ‘new single entitle “Blossom ” gives it listeners a strong anime intro vibe in its few first seconds. This song has a combination of strong rock sound and a listener friendly and encouraging lyrics.

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