Koalra – Hooked

Koalra is back with a new song less than 8 weeks following their latest EP release “Surprise Lights” and no more than a year since their debut. And as always, each of these “Welcome Backs” are brought with a fresh and exciting take on the evolving originality of the band. Koalra’s new track called “Hooked” combines melancholy, whimsy and good vibes for a song that soothes as much as it rocks. Like the video itself this song is an uplifting magical night in a friends Xmas lighted backyard fresh with distance lighting and a the occasional lightening bug. It’s the first single from their upcoming 14 song album called “The Wakes” and the track no doubt has us “Hooked.”


Wax Heart Sodality – Incel-Dumb Scene Kid

Wax Heart Sodality’s creatively tackles an unusual topic- “ involuntary celibates” (shortened as “incel”) in their 3rd single “Incel-Dumb Scene Kid”. It’s alternative rock musical arrangement matches their dark and deep take on the said topic — thoughtfully presented in their lyrics.

BDRMM – A Reason To Celebrate

“Well it’s okay, for you to walk away”. Expect that this phrase would stuck on your head upon listening to BDRMM’s latest single entitled “A Reason To Celebrate”. This song’s washed vocals combined with grungy guitar strums is the perfect acceptance anthem for this year.

Those Fucking Snowflakes – Straight Wealthy White Male Suffrage

Who says that thought provoking political views and good music can’t be in one cup? Those Fucking Snowflakes gives us this bizarely good combination in their song “Stop Being Dickheads to Each Other”. By listening to this track, we can enjoy crunchy guitar riffs, powerful drum beats and smooth mild screamo while reflecting about the current state of our society.

High Heavens – Into The Daylight

Slow and gloomy are the words that best describe the High Heaven’s latest single “Into The Daylight”. Listeners should watch out for this song’s calm and yet disturbed bridge which is headed down to its palatable outro.

Bäckar – Anything For You

Opened with a smooth guitar picking, Bäckar’s new single entitled “Anything for You” gives us a flavourful and rich sound composed by dominant bass, textured percussion and bright vocals. This song is a breath of fresh air and definitely a must check out.

Deaf Surf – Sofa

The Brighton-based band Deaf Surf’s debut single “Sofa” is such a banger. Asking questions about travelling stories in an angsty voice while having a grungy guitar and drum beats as a background couldn’t be this good. With this start, Deaf Surf’s next singles would definitely have a good number of expectators.

Derek Corr – If I Was The Devil

“If I Was The Devil” is the 1st track of Derek Corr’s debut solo album, “This Is Now”. This song has a moving build up throughout its duration, perfectly fits Derek’s layered vocals. Aside from impressive musicality, this song also has interesting and playful lyrics.

ELLiS·D – Puppeteering

ELLiS·D’s latest single Puppeteering offers a soulful indie sound composed of haunting vocal harmonies and luring guitar riffs. If you want some 5 minute-ish of disturbing psychedelic chills and bizarrely mesmerizing feels, then this song is a go to.

Merry Christmas – The Night The Night Fell

“Superghost” is the 1st track of the UK/Japan quintet Merry Christmas pre-released album, “The Night The Night Fell”. Most of its parts are interesting discordant harmonies accompanied by eerie musical arrangement. This reminds me of the anti-folk band, The Moldy Peaches.

The Battles Of Winter – Block S Falls

15 seconds of rattling bass and flashy guitar intro of The Battles Of Winter’s latest single entitled “Block S Falls” is such an attention grabber. This almost 6 minute track gives us clever lyrics encapsulated through metaphors and creative word choice.

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