Goldrain – Dragonfly

Goldrains debut single “Dragonfly” is a soulful escape that is dripping with passion and heart. The track has a jazzy swing complete with punchy piano and a bit of sultry guitar that lets loose a slick solo past the midway point. Vocally its all very mesmerizing and lyrically satisfying as well. Paired with a super solid drum groove that moves it all along Goldrains “Dragonfly” is an amazing track that I have on repeat listen. We expect and hope to hear lots of good things from Goldrain as they release more material hopefully soon!

Merry Christmas – Shapes Appearing

“Shapes Appearing” from the band Merry Christmas is a jarring yet whimsical track that roars through its paces with fantastic energy pushed forwarded by an almost marching band like rhythm until midway when the song soothes out into a hush lullaby feel. It’s incredibly tense and totally sweet at the same time. With the songs soaring vocal melodies and leading bell sounds combined with the bombastic drums the track will find a special place in hearts of fans of The Flaming Lips, Neutral Milk Hotel and the like. Be sure to check out their other offerings on Spotify such as their previous album “The Flying Trombone Sisters” for more fuzzed out psychedelic pop goodness. A+on this one. Merry Christmas is one of our new favorites and we hope you will agree how special of a band this is. Their new album titled “The Night The Night Fell” is out on Aug 1st and you can expect to hear more about it on BuzzyBand.

Deaf Surf – Strangers

Deaf Surf brings to life the sounds of surf and aggression on their second single. With it’s Post-punk influences the bands new track “Strangers” rips through three minutes of a pleasently jagged push and pull of guitar, drums and vocals. Angsty, sweet and aggressively rad vocals tie it all together and rock lyrics that rip pain away from subjects like loneliness and despair. This is amazing driving modern punk at its best. We would love to sink our teeth into an entire album worths of music from Deaf Surf and we’ll be waiting….a bit impatiently.

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