SWiiMS – Fill Me Up

For me, the 90’s is one of the best music eras so far. I think that’s the reason why up until this day, it’s traces still remain. A good example for that is the newest single of SWiiMS, entitled “Fill Me Up”. Its guitar loop, on point percussion and jangly bass perfectly suits its smooth and dreamy vocals.

Groan Room – Get Off

Groan Room’s debut single “Get Off” gives us a surprise with its sudden dynamic change on its intro. After 25 seconds, you will hear its laid back and relaxing vocals. After a minute, it will hit its chorus and you’ll start to wish that this song was way more longer.

Babyshoes – To Everyone That Could’ve Been

BabyShoes executed a perfect build-up all through their new song, “To Everyone That Could’ve Been”. Its groggy and laid back vocals justified the message of this song and blends perfectly to its interesting alternative rock arrangement.

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