Best Coast – Always Tomorrow

Best Coast is an LA-based band consisting of singer-songwriter and guitarist Bethany Consentino and multi-instrumentalist Bobb Bruno. The duo started in 2010 and has constantly released classic rock tunes inspired by the 60’s and 50’s with a blend of surf and pop.

The band’s previous releases offered a lot of concerning insight in Consentino’s life, with tracks like “When Will I Change” and “Sleep Won’t Ever Come” suggesting how she struggles with their high-profile career. 

In this latest release however, Consentino’s comes up with an album to celebrate a new chapter in her life. A chapter of sobriety and newfound hope. The aptly entitled Always Tomorrow is filled with sunny pop-rock songs full of positivity and conviction. Consentino’s lyrics are straight to the heart, transparently laying down her experiences in overcoming her demons.

We see this in tracks like “Everything Has Changed”, which details her past struggles with alcohol. Stating that she: “used to crawl all the way back home.” The rest of the song however has a rosy and optimistic glow, with the chorus declaring “Everything has changed / I like it this way / I’d like for it to stay.” The same theme is explored in “For The First Time”, Where she declares : “Demons deep inside of me / they might have finally been set free”. Both songs share rock and folk influences with several nods to Joan Jett and Fleetwood Mac.

Even with Consentino’s overall bright and positive outlook, she still acknowledges that keeping sober is a constant battle and that it is only one step in becoming a better person. In “Wreckage” she openly states her doubts: “If I’m good now why do I feel like a failure almost everyday?” In “Rollercoaster” she acknowledges that there is still a lot of work to be done. She reflects on her own mortality after seeing her friends grow older as she pleads: “Please let me off / you know I wanna get off / I never signed up for this rollercoaster.”

All of these songs are tied up into a neat bow in “Master Of My Own Mind”, where she displays a keen sense of self-awareness. Suggesting that despite the setbacks, she’s still in control of everything. “I gotta focus / gotta rewind  / gotta stay the master of my own mind.”

Always Tomorrow provides a compelling narrative of someone battling their demons and coming out stronger in the end. Although the songwriting and production keeps the lyrics at front and center, the brilliant pop-rock arrangement is nothing to scoff at. It provides a solid support platform to carry Consentino’s heartfelt story, making it a deeply satisfying experience from start to finish.

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