Barringtone – Bonanza Plan

Barringtone defies classification, any attempt to do so merely leaves you scratching the surface. They have rhythmic precision of math rock with the raw spontaneity of punk. Add with that the creative drive to push boundaries and defy every convention and you’ll get a vague idea of what their debut Bonanza Plan has in store. It’s extravagant, highly inventive and fun.

Bonanza Plan is an escapist fantasy of light and color. An acid-fueled trip of alt-math and disco electronica where anything can and will happen. A wild collection of epic pop songs and wacky instrumentals that are filled with surprises at every corner.

The album is set to release in August via Onomatopoeia records, with it’s first single “The New New” out right now. This is the perfect introduction to wet your feet into their quirky sound. A dreamlike trance where buzzing synths and erratic riffs weave and jitter into a carnival of noise and glitter.

 Pop songs in this album include “Foxes and Brimstone”, which is characterized by sharp distortion and even sharper rhythm changes. Its lyrics paint a world full of wizards and sinister creatures lurking from afar as the narrator pursues his quest for love. “Emily Smallhands” sounds like an opening song for a canceled adult swim cartoon, with a premise that’s as outrageous as its angular lyrical flow. “Feverhead” is the closest this album has to being conventional. An electro-pop tune straight from an 80’s movie soundtrack. The kind that plays during a training montage, keen to advise its main character: “Don’t get lost inside your Feverhead!”

Other instrumentals include “Into the Woods”, a mash of organic sounds with electro synths and clamoring guitars on a motorik beat. “Gold Medal Vision” is the most dance-able cut in the album. It starts with a hook that ebbs and flows through sharp and smooth lines, guiding the listener through thick wires of riffs before ending in a calm forest with birds chirping in the background.

Despite its surreal compositions and out of this world imagery, there’s a grounded energy that can be felt throughout the collection. The album was recorded in live takes with over-dubs added in post, and you can almost feel the drum and bass reverberating as it snaps you to the groove.

 Bonanza Plan is whimsical and highly engaging. If you’re looking to dive into something  new, or something that could help you spark new and creative ideas, this is the perfect album to sink your teeth into.

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