Alien Nosejob – Suddenly Everything Is Twice As Loud

Alien Nosejob is the solo project from one of Australia’s busiest musicians in Jake Robertson. Robertson has his handprints all over the local music scene, playing for bands such as Leather Towel, Drug Sweat, Ausmeuteants and School Damage. His LP Suddenly Everything Is Twice As Loud features a hodgepodge of old school punk sounds seemingly sprinkled all over it. Everyone from the Ramones to The Kinks to even Depeche Mode’s new wave flourishes can be heard in this sharp and diverse record.  

According to Robertson, this record was made to sound like a mixtape that you’d share to your friends, and he’s achieved in doing just that. Suddenly Everything feels like a greatest hits collection of scrappy lo-fi punk that was painstakingly curated by someone who eagerly wants you to listen to his new discoveries. No one track sounds like the other in terms of overall style and elements. In here you’d find razor edged 3-chord punk followed by charming indie pop before jumping into hardcore or fuzzy jangle. This is the sort of diversity only a lifelong practitioner of the craft can accomplish. Robertson pulls this off and makes it look easy, and it’s no wonder considering his prolific output through the past decade. 

“Television Sets” has that catchy lo-fi mosh pit atmosphere nailed down to a T, with razor edged distortion that’s a timeless staple. “Emotional Rep” drives the grittiness up to eleven, with a menacing rhythm that shoves its heavy pounding textures through a concrete wall. “Black Sheep” borders on hardcore. A song for those who don’t belong — and is one of those songs that could have attracted the goth kids you’ve met at school.

While these punk-rock leaning songs are exciting, the tracks in the album that deviate from that general pallet only seem to stand out more, as they are given the same amount of care and expertise. “Rainbow Road” is one of its true oddballs, filled with so much disorienting jangle that it feels like you’re riding through the mad-hatter’s winding carousel. “Don’t Need Love” sounds like a british-invasion era pop tune if the early Beatles had access to fuzz stompboxes. “Spin Cycle” in all its weird glory, seems to have been slathered with a sci-fi art rock twist.

Alien Nosejob sets out to create a mixtape experience and has accomplished that and more. Suddenly Everything Is Twice As Loud is something you can share to your friends, then blow them away once you tell them that it was made by one person.

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