June 2020

Cathedral Bells – Velvet Spirit

Velvet Spirit is a fantastic debut album from Florida’s Cathedral Bells. Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Matt Messore has crafted a dimension

Husbands – After the Gold Rush Party

After the Gold Rush Party is the sophomore album from Oklahoma’s Husbands. Danny Davis and Wil Norton met back in

STRFKR – Future Past Life

Prepare yourself to be propelled into an indie-psychedelic light show, where the stars just within arm’s reach and every color

Woods – Strange to Explain

Woods has been around since 2005. One of few indie bands who has stood the test of time, with a

Gum – Out In The World

Jay Watson is the kind of artist that everyone with a creative endeavor should strive to emulate. Despite being a

Muzz – Muzz

Muzz is composed of veteran musicians. Paul Banks is the frontman of Interpol, Matt Barrick played drums for The Walkmen

No Age – Goons Be Gone

No Age was formed from the LA DIY scene in December of 2005. They started their career making indie punk

Wolf Parade – Thin Mind

The latest album from Wolf Parade holds a message that we should all lend our ears to. Thin Mind takes

Painted Zeros – When You Found Forever

Painted Zeros latest album sees Brooklyn-based songwriter Katie Lau through a journey of facing her demons and overcoming them. When