2020 Buzzy Besties

10 – Melkbelly – Pith – I’ve recently moved out of the Chicago area to Portland. Big distance! Here’s a list of things I’ll miss in order #3 cool record stores #2 my family #1 seeing Melkbelly live several times a year

9 – Deeper – Auto-Pain – The new Deeper album is reminiscent of that really great Bloc Party album. This album has tons of move forwardness, drive and creative motoring that makes it an easy listen with enough cutting edge to not feel overly radio friendly.

8 Wolf Parade – The Mind – The new Wolf Parade album is like hugging a familair old friend who is also excellent at writing really great lyrics.

7 No Age – Goons Be Gone – For me each No Age album is better than the last. Keep ’em coming!

6 Boyracer – On a Promise – I would say Boyracer is criminally under rated but once you hear them the raiting is HIGH! Their new album was a highlight of 2020.

5 Black Marble – I Must Be Living Twice – It’s only an EP however I still had to put it on my list because……Black Marble

4 French Police – Haunted Castle – Russian post punk in the style of some of my favs like Motorama & Human Tetris except they are from Chicago!

3 Adulkt Life – Book of Curses – I instantly knew within a quick minute that this would be an album on repeat listen. It’s a perfect well rounded and killer punk album.

2 Hum – Inlet – Ive had three kids, gotten married, moved to Portland, grown a beard, traveled back in time, developed diabetes, nursed a healthy drinking habit, lived with continually aching teeth pains from bad hygiene, endured multiple muscle and back pains and loads more in the time that it took Hum to record this follow-up to their lush and amazing centerpiece of all things space-gaze album Downward is Heavenward. I’m sure you also heard Inlet was a surprise release. Well, surprise, it’s great!

1 Moaning – Uneasy Laughter – This album came out super early in the year. I didn’t forget about you. We will be together forever. Love is real.

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